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Sales Trainer - Jason Gwilliam

Sales Trainer - Jason Gwilliam

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Jason Gwilliam's exceptional 18-year journey in sales and sales enablement has made him a pivotal figure in the industry. With a rich background that includes pivotal roles at leading corporations like Abbott and Siemens HealthCare, Jason has consistently driven sales excellence and innovation. His expertise extends globally, having led programs in diverse markets from India to Europe, showcasing his ability to adapt strategies to various cultural and business landscapes.

Renowned for his strategic prowess, Jason has successfully developed and executed sales enablement initiatives that significantly reduce time to competency while boosting sales targets achievement. His consulting work with esteemed companies like Brainshark and Korn-Ferry has further cemented his reputation as a vanguard in sales enablement, offering groundbreaking approaches and best practices.

Jason is not just a leader but a dedicated mentor and thought leader, actively sharing his insights through speaking engagements, podcasting, and advisory roles. He champions the empowerment of sales teams, aiming to instill excellence and foster growth through effective sales enablement and customer engagement programs.

His commitment to professional development is evidenced by his certifications in Professional Selling Skills, Strategic and Conceptual Selling, and Challenger Selling. These qualifications underscore his dedication to mastering and teaching cutting-edge sales methodologies.

Jason's work has not only garnered him respect and recognition but has also earned him the prestigious Sales Enablement Program of the Year award by Brainshark in both 2018 and 2020. This accolade is a testament to his innovative contributions to the field of sales enablement.

In summary, Jason Gwilliam stands as a beacon of excellence in sales and sales enablement, with a proven track record of leading teams to success, fostering innovative growth, and sharing his vast knowledge to uplift the sales community.

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