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Private Investigation Services - Matthew Graybeal

Private Investigation Services - Matthew Graybeal

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Matthew Graybeal and his wife, co-owners of SWVA Process Services, offer a personal and professional touch to supporting dads and the shared parenting community with a suite of legal services. With their unique expertise and firsthand experience in family court, they provide a compassionate approach to clients navigating the complexities of legal challenges. Their services are specially designed to empower fathers and families to achieve positive outcomes, with a particular focus on the intricacies of family law.

Our Core Services:

  • Process Serving: Our skilled team ensures efficient delivery of legal documents across VA, TN, NC, and WV, utilizing the latest technology and methods to handle challenging and time-sensitive jobs.
  • Private Investigation: Available exclusively in Virginia, our licensed PI services include detailed background checks and skip tracing, offering precision and discretion to strengthen your case.
  • Notary Services & Vacant Property Checks: We provide essential mobile notary services and conduct comprehensive property checks, catering to your legal and property management needs with expertise.
  • Court Document Support & Family Court Assistance: From filing crucial documents to detailed support for evictions, custody issues, and more, we're equipped to guide you through every legal hurdle.

Why Choose Us?

  • A Family-Driven Mission: As a family-operated business, Matthew and his partner leverage their personal journey through family court and her academic pursuit in psychology, alongside her nearing certification for supervised visitation. This blend of personal experience and professional development ensures empathetic and insightful service.
  • Specialized in Cross-State Legal Support: While our PI license is limited to Virginia, our process serving extends to VA, TN, NC, and WV. For cases originating in Virginia, we can offer our services in certain other states thanks to reciprocity agreements, broadening the scope of our support.
  • Dedicated Support for the Shared Parenting Community: Tailored specifically for dads, our services aim to alleviate the stress of legal proceedings, providing a path to achieving your legal and familial goals.

Contact Matthew & Partner's SWVA Process Services today. Our dedication to professional excellence and personal empathy positions us as your ideal partner in navigating legal challenges. Let our family's expertise and dedication assist yours during these pivotal moments, ensuring a smoother journey toward resolution and peace of mind.

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