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Mark Ludwig

Make a Difference by Mark Ludwig

Make a Difference by Mark Ludwig

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In this practical manual, author Mark Ludwig walks you through all the ins and outs of passing state legislation.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes when speaking to legislators
  • ​Qualities to look for in the ideal bill sponsor.
  • ​How to frame the narrative when describing your issue.
  • ​How to handle the most common shared parenting objections.
  • ​Tips to help you get past the gatekeeper.
  • ​Ways to prepare for a potential sabotage attack on your bill.
  • ​Charts and graphs to help you track your progress.
  • ​A debriefing checklist to help you analyze your meetings.
  • ​Tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your team.
  • ​How to be on offense during a committee hearing.

About the Author

  Mark Ludwig began his political career over 40 years ago as the President of College Republicans for the University of Central Missouri. Over the years, he worked on dozens of campaigns as a staffer, advisor, and campaign manager.

   In 1998, he gained national attention while running for US Congress in the seat head by Congressman Dick Gephardt who was one of the most powerful leaders in DC at the time. As a result of the notoriety of his opponent, Mark was fortunate to be coached, mentored and build relationships with many people who were or became some of the most influential names in politics including Newt Gingrich, Morton Blackwell, Bob McEwen, Grover Norquist, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick Conway and many others.

   Mark was recognized in Achieve Magazine as one of the Top 25 fastest-growing home-based business owners in the country for the company he represented. During this time, he began speaking and training organizations throughout the country on topics such as teambuilding, conflict resolution, self-development, systematizing business strategies and negotiation techniques.

   As a result of his success, Mark donated time serving on the Missouri Commerce & Industry Small Business Policy Council, was Vice-President of his local St Louis County Chamber of Commerce, Vice-President of his high school Alumni Association, served on the Board of Directors of the Angels’ Arms Foundation for foster children in Missouri, was the first Chair of the Cherishing the Children Auction for Children with Special Needs, helped as a fundraiser and advisor to numerous political campaigns in Missouri.

   In 2010, Mark was thrust into the shared parenting community as the result of being blindsided by a custody battle. After losing his business, his finances, his confidence and so much of his drive, he eventually decided to try to use his background and connections to help others who were already working on legislative changes to custody laws across the country.

   Mark’s story has been featured on over 200 TV, radio and podcast interviews throughout the U.S. He is the National Legislative Trainer for The Fathers’ Rights Movement and the Founder of American for Equal Shared Parenting.
   Since 2017, Mark has been active working with local partners on legislation in 29 different states, has personally testified for legislative hearings in 7 states, has personally met with over 600 legislators or their staff members and had a role in helping several states pass various laws regarding shared parenting issues.  His Americans for Equal Shared Parenting organization has hosted over 80 shared parenting events in over 20 states around the country including 5 major National Equal Shared Parenting Conferences with dozens of legislators in attendance.

   He has also helped create national awareness as a regular featured speaker at the annual Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Council Event alongside speakers such as Senator Ted Cruz, Secretary Ben Carson, Congressman Andy Biggs, Congressman Ted Cruz and many other members of the U.S. Congress.

   Mark prefers a team concept philosophy towards getting legislation passed. He believes everyone has unique talents, skills and abilities to contribute. Utilizing these gifts from a wide variety of people committed to the same goal increases the potential of success. The key is to make sure people remember to stay focused on the common goal of making a better life for children of divorce or separation instead of being concerned with credit and recognition.

“After meeting with Mark, we were able to glean off his experiences and apply that knowledge as we work with legislators in Ohio. His know-how provided a valuable foundation for us to work from when approaching legislators and moving things forward in our state.”
Elizabeth McNeese, Producer, We the Parents Documentary

““Mark Ludwig has been a champion and advocate for the shared parenting movement. Mark understands the importance of developing relationships in the legislature on both sides of the aisle to accomplish the passage of any legislation. Mark has been invaluable to the process.”
Senator Jim Lembke

“Mark has not only talked the talk, but has walked the walk. He has willingly picked up the phone for Constituents going through shared parenting journeys…and understands the importance of learning and applying the journey to the legislative process.”
Rep. Hannah Kelley

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