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Senior Home Lender - Arpan Shah

Senior Home Lender - Arpan Shah

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Empowering Dads in Their Homeownership Journey

Arpan Shah, not only a respected Senior Home Lending Advisor in Niles, IL, but also a celebrated author of "Daddy Goes to Work," is a proud member and state captain of the Pro Se Dad community. With over a decade of experience in home lending, Arpan uniquely combines his professional expertise with his passion for supporting fathers, especially those navigating the intricacies of shared parenting and looking to secure a stable home environment for their families.

Why Arpan is the Go-To Advisor for Dads:

  • Understanding the Needs of Fathers: As a key figure in the Pro Se Dad community and an advocate for shared parenting, Arpan is deeply attuned to the challenges dads face, particularly when it comes to creating a nurturing home for their children.

  • Tailored Financial Guidance: Recognizing that every father's situation is unique, Arpan offers personalized financial reviews and mortgage advice to fit your specific needs, whether you're a first-time buyer, looking to resize, or securing a second home for your family.

  • Expertise in Home Lending: Certified in FHA and VA loans, Arpan provides specialized guidance that can make homeownership more accessible and affordable for dads, including those who are veterans or active military members.

  • A Partner in Your Homeownership Journey: Beyond finding the right mortgage, Arpan is committed to guiding dads through every step of the process with clarity, support, and the aim to ensure a positive and empowering home lending experience.

Arpan’s Commitment to Dads (and Moms) in the Shared Parenting Community:

Arpan's dual roles as a home lending advisor and a leader within the Pro Se Dad community underscore his dedication to empowering fathers. Understanding that securing a home can be both an emotional and financial milestone, Arpan leverages his knowledge and empathy to support dads in making informed decisions that benefit their families' future.

Contact Arpan Shah today for a consultation that goes beyond numbers and loans, entering a partnership with a professional who shares your values and understands the importance of home in the lives of dads and their children.

Reach out to Arpan Shah, a trusted advisor who understands the father's journey, for personalized mortgage solutions that support your family goals.

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