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Digital and Field Research Consultant - Boo Carter

Digital and Field Research Consultant - Boo Carter

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Boo Carter is a dedicated member of the Pro Se Dad Group and an active participant in the shared parenting community. As the wife of a dad navigating the complexities of family court, Boo brings a personal understanding and empathy to her role. She leads as the Georgia Captain for Pro Se Dad and serves as a moderator for the Pro Se Dad for Women group, highlighting her commitment to supporting fathers and families through challenging times.

Currently, Boo is expanding her expertise by studying for her private investigation and cybersecurity licenses. This endeavor reflects her dedication to acquiring the skills necessary to provide comprehensive support to members of our community, especially those involved in custody disputes. Through her role in the Pro Se Dad Marketplace, Boo offers her growing knowledge and skills to assist other members, fostering a supportive environment where experiences and expert guidance are shared.

In her listing, Boo invites members to consult with her for guidance on navigating online and offline investigations related to their cases. While she is not yet a licensed private investigator or cybersecurity expert, her proactive approach to learning and applying these skills makes her a valuable resource. Members are encouraged to support Boo in her journey, acknowledging the mutual benefit of her services. No charges are associated with her listing; instead, it's an opportunity for consultation and support within the Pro Se Dad community.

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