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Legal Coach - George Argel

Legal Coach - George Argel

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George Argel, a prelaw student and a legal coach, is offering an extensive coaching and mentoring service. With a background in pro se litigation since 2018, George brings deep experience from both circuit and appellate courts. He's known for his educational posts and video clips, guiding members through legal procedures, evidence submission, and courtroom strategies.

Beyond individualized discussions, George's mentorship includes preparing clients for evidentiary hearings or trials by acting as Devil's Advocate, a practice judge, and simulating both friendly and hostile witnesses to reflect real courtroom dynamics. He also focuses on teaching how to preserve records for appeals effectively.

George will assist with drafting motions and responses, understanding brief basics, conducting case law research, subpoenaing documents and witnesses, and thorough training on evidentiary hearing components. Additionally, George covers the appeal process, discovery preparation, trial war book preparation, and evidence rules, offering a full spectrum of legal coaching and mentoring to navigate the complexities of family law.

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