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Business Merchant Services - Justin Dupree

Business Merchant Services - Justin Dupree

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My name is Justin Dupree and my business is Last Call Payments. I help businesses accept debit/credit cards at their business.

I've been in a very long, brutal, and costly battle, fighting for my daughter. I almost gave up at one point. I didn't think I could continue the fight without any money, which is why I'm offering my services right now to other members who own their own business.

Most businesses are paying about 3% in fees to accept card payments at their business. For the fellow members, I have a way to eliminate all of the processing fees you're paying, and get your total bill down to just a low flat dollar amount each month, no matter how many cards are processed. This would be for both in-person and online transactions. If you're using Square, Stripe, or another payment processor, I can easily reduce the 3% you're paying currently.

My hopes are that you'll be able to use the money I'm saving you, to continue your battle for your family. Please setup a free consultation to discuss the fees you're paying and to see what I can do for you and your business.

I'll also be donating 10% of my profits to the Pro Se Family Foundation each month, for each person I'm able to help out, so that we can help even more shared parenting situations do the right thing.

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